Audience Volunteers – 9/3 and 9/4

NCT said “farewell!” to August and a rousing “hello!” to September with some nearly sold-out shows packed with laughs. Take a look!

Molly plays “Spell It” with the team, demonstrating that she knows how to spell “trapezoid”.

PJ co-hosted “Movie Reviewer”, where we all learned what a “Triumph of the Human Spirit” film looks like.

Kayla helps the team with a “Spell It” all about shoes and sausages.

Jesse wears awesome socks, and also helps the team with “Moving Bodies”.

Brian is outgoing, cheerful, and determined to make a good participant in “Dinner at Joe’s”.

Chris is an enthusiastic to participant in “Spelling Bee”, where he and the team teach us that “My rheumatism is very angry.”

And finally, a shout-out to Victoria, who brought her friends out to celebrate her birthday!

Victoria, Olivia, Lia, Marge, Ally, Kayla, Michelle, and Kelly-Ann love NCT and our players – they’re repeat customers!

Thanks everyone! Enjoy your holiday weekend.  We’ll see you all real soon.


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