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Vote for the National Comedy Theatre in the 2011 INNY Awards!

Last year, the National Comedy Theatre was voted by YOU – the audience! – as “Best in Short Form” by Improvisation News. Many of you who have come to our theatre in the past year have noticed the lovely INNY trophy proudly displayed in our box office.

This year we’re nominated again, and this time in TWO categories! We’re counting on you to help us become 2-time champions.  Remember commenting on how much you loved our shows, and how nice our theatre is?

Vote for National Comedy Theatre in both the “Best in Short Form” and “Best Venue” categories.

Vote HERE and help us become 2-time champions!

Voting ends March 31, 2011.

(P.S. Not sure who to vote for in some of the other categories?  We suggest City Hall for “Best in Sketch Comedy” and “Best Comedy Tweets”, and Chris and Paul for “Best Comedy Duo”.  Both teams contain present and past members of the NCT family.)