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Audience volunteers from April 22 & 23rd!

Another fantastic weekend with sold-out houses at NCT.  Here were some of our audience volunteers from the shows:

Esther helped us portray the French Revolution during “Animatronic Jamboree”

Jeremiah participated in “Movie Reviewer”

And finally, Lucas and his good-natured family allowed us to laugh at their quirks during “Dinner at Joe’s”.


Audience volunteers from April 15th & 16th!

Another great weekend of shows here at NCT…and we’ve got the pictures to prove it.

Erin joined us for “Audience Sound Effects”.

This fine pair of friends helped the team depict the Boston Tea Party during “Animatronic Jamboree”.

Finally, Ben made for a triumphant participant in “Movie Reviewer”.


Recent Audience Volunteers!

NCT has had some great shows recently, and as always, much of that is thanks to our fabulous audiences.  Here’s a sampling of some of our recent willing participants…

Dawn was an all-around super-awesome person, and the team played a great “Moving Bodies” with her.

Jeff celebrated his 50th birthday with us by playing a hysterical game of “Audience Sound Effects”.

Mike taught us all how to spell during “Spelling Bee”.