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Audience Volunteers – weekend of September 24th, 2010

Here are the audience volunteers from the weekend’s shows.  As always, thanks to everyone who came to see the shows!

Adina joined Devin for “Movie Reviewer”.  They gave one film a rating of “Two Twilights and an Eclipse!”

Sidney’s family has brought him to NCT before, so he told us he didn’t need instructions for “Dinner at Joe’s”.

Marybeth helped the team recreate The Battle of Waterloo.  Kevin played Abba.

Finally, Johnny B. was a good sport for “Dinner at Joe’s”.  He hates people who aren’t punctual.


Audience Volunteers – weekend of September 17th

NCT had some truly hilarious shows this weekend.  Check out some of our audience members taking part in the fun!

Alexander celebrated his birthday with a little “Spelling Bee”.

Birthday boys Andrew and Steven helped kick off a great game of “Blind Freeze”.

And finally, this very enthusiastic group from Brooklyn cheered on the show – particularly the Brooklyn Queens!

Have a great week!


Audience Volunteers for Friday, September 10th

Another great weekend of shows at NCT.  This week, we only have photos from Friday’s shows, so you’ll have to take our word for it that Saturday was just as great.

Ashley helped the team recreate WWII during “Animatronic Jamboree”.  She played Roosevelt.

Karen helped with “Audience Sound Effects”, in a touching story about a boy (David) and his collection of pet rats.  Not a dry eye in the house.

Looks like fun, doesn’t it?  We have 4 shows this weekend, so come on down to NCT.  Who knows, you may end up on here yourself!


Audience Volunteers – 9/3 and 9/4

NCT said “farewell!” to August and a rousing “hello!” to September with some nearly sold-out shows packed with laughs. Take a look!

Molly plays “Spell It” with the team, demonstrating that she knows how to spell “trapezoid”.

PJ co-hosted “Movie Reviewer”, where we all learned what a “Triumph of the Human Spirit” film looks like.

Kayla helps the team with a “Spell It” all about shoes and sausages.

Jesse wears awesome socks, and also helps the team with “Moving Bodies”.

Brian is outgoing, cheerful, and determined to make a good participant in “Dinner at Joe’s”.

Chris is an enthusiastic to participant in “Spelling Bee”, where he and the team teach us that “My rheumatism is very angry.”

And finally, a shout-out to Victoria, who brought her friends out to celebrate her birthday!

Victoria, Olivia, Lia, Marge, Ally, Kayla, Michelle, and Kelly-Ann love NCT and our players – they’re repeat customers!

Thanks everyone! Enjoy your holiday weekend.  We’ll see you all real soon.